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The problem? 
A Substantial Resource Is Being Wasted

The industry's chief waste, asphalt based shingles, are an energy rich product that the U.S.A. and Canada is land-filling at a rate of ~95% nationally. Further, shingles currently recycled are not being used to their full potential due to underdeveloped end market. Green Squares partners with recyclers to address this problem with a three pronged approach:

  1. Increase recycling rates of shingles by offering the convenience of buying recycling by the square and ordering recycling bins where you buy your roofing products.

  2. Recognizing the roofers who recycle by auditing and certifying tons diverted from landfills. 

  3. Streamline roofers' hauling to save money on yearly disposal (now recycling) budget.


The solution?

We work with the nation's most established construction and demolition recyclers  to build a network of drop-off and recycling centers for Green Squares members use. 

Green Squares has developed a proprietary method for disposing of waste shingles, saving roofers and homeowners money, offering more convenience and increasing and then broadcasting contractor recycling rates to their communities.

Save money by purchasing your disposal at the same place you purchase shingles and roofing products.  

When deciding to recycle or discard roofing in landfills homeowners and roofers have choices. Convenience is #1 factor in waste disposal. #2 is cost. Green Squares saves roofers time and money.

How it works

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Recycle by the Square
Purchase online or from your roofing distributor

Use your own equipment or Rent our Recycling Bins 

We weigh & track your recyclables
Set Recycling Rate Goals

Collect points & redeem for products you need

Plan to recycle when you purchase roofing shingles. Our network of recyclers agree to accept a predetermined rate based on the size of your project. Our software allows you to track your project from start to finish, by name, address, color of roofing and manufacturer. 

Drop off your roofing waste at your ASR Affiliate recycling convenience center.

Set recycling rate goals. We will measure and publish your numbers on the Green Squares website, accessible in real time.

Join the leader board on see your ranking based on squares recycled and recycling rates. 


Reward points are rewarded for each ton tipped and you can view your account status at any time.


Save Up to 40% on Waste Disposal

Green Squares’ Roofer Waste Audit calculates your annual savings by adding recycling bins to your roofing order versus owning your own truck.


Use our app to schedule a pick up!

Capacity of up to 50 squares. No per day charge! Prices include delivery, pick up and disposal. No hidden fees.

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