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Order a recycling bin

We simplify recycling for the roofing contractor and save over $100 per job. Our specialty recycling bins have special rubber guides and wheels, are 8' wide, or slightly narrower than a mid size car, fitting easily in any driveway. See your roofing distributor to request roofing shingle delivery, job accessories and recycling bins.

Green Squares partners with recyclers with a three pronged approach: Increase recycling rates of shingles by offering the convenience of ordering recycling bins where you buy your roofing products, recognizing the roofers who recycle by auditing and certifying tons diverted from landfills and streamline roofers' waste hauling to save money on yearly disposal (now recycling) budget.

When deciding to recycle or discard roofing in landfills homeowners and roofers have choices. Convenience is #1 factor in waste disposal. #2 is cost. Green Squares saves roofers time and money.

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